Stainless Steel

We have a dedicated 'clean' shop for our stainless steel work and we specialise in working with exotic grades of stainless steel. In order to maintain the integrity of the stainless steel and prevent any cross contamination we do not work with other materials in this shop.

We have experience in not only working with the 300 series (304 and 316) stainless but also the following materials:

  • 904L (2RK65)- for acid resistance such as in sulphuric acid plants
  • SAF2205 - Duplex material for high resistance to chlorides such as salt water and weak acids and alkali's
  • 253MA - High temperature resistant material for use in furnaces, ovens, heat transfer systems and high temperature applications
  • 5CR12 - Materials used in the fabrication of coal wagons, material conveyor discharge chutes and other areas requiring abrasion/erosion resistance with a lesser degree of corrosion resistance

We have experienced staff using the MIG, TIG and plasma equipment and our knowledge base includes the correct procedures of handling and welding all stainless steel types to eliminate any fabrication problems such as:

  • Corrosion in the heat affected zones
  • Corrosion due to contamination
  • Weakness of joints due to embrittlement
  • Excessive heat input affecting the integrity of the material

We also provide a service recommending the correct grade of material to use for your particular application.